Paparazzi as a Form of Art

Henri Cartier Bresson would at times stake out his subjects. Walker Evans would descend into the New York subway during the forties with his Contax camera hidden in his overcoat to capture daily life in the greatest city in the world.

Were these great photographers Paparazzi? We capture celebrities in their daily life. Partly because this is what the market commands these days. Is Paparazzi an art form? We think so and our images are welcomed and published in publications worldwide including People, US Magazine, and The New York Post.

Are these people we photograph these days iconic celebrities? Maybe for the very short term in someone’s mind. The days of Burton and Taylor are over. Now it is Britney & Lindsay. The demand for these kind of photos is now bigger than ever.

Will these images be considered iconic and have a chance to hang in the Museum Of Modern Art in New York near Bresson and Evans’s work. We think there is a good possibility and that is why we are producing these images.

We work with only the finest professional photographers who are in this business for the love of their craft and not just the fast buck. They follow all the rules and are always looking for the one special image of the day.